Our Story

How the four friends got their start...

Long-time friends the Gorton's and Steward's always looked forward to their annual camping trip with several other families, and the meal everyone looked forward to on that trip was Chicken Sundae night!  As new families would join the group they would ask "what is this crazy dinner…I have never heard of a Chicken Sundae?"  We would just smile and say "wait until you try it!"

In the spring of 2015 the Gorton's had an opportunity to sell Chicken Sundaes at a fundraiser for a friend who was battling brain cancer. They were an immediate hit!


That June during the camping trip, we decided to bring the Chicken Sundaes to the people. We pooled together our own money to buy equipment and supplies, and two months later Chop Chop Chicken Sundaes made its debut at the 2015 Vernonia Friendship Jamboree the first weekend in August.  This was our first real event and the response from the public was great we were a hit!


We decided to see where this crazy idea would take us so we started selling at Farmers Markets and various other events. We were a pop up restaurant, so we would pull up, unload our equipment, build a restaurant, prep our food, sell the food, clean up and pack it all back into our trailer. It was a ton of work and we did it this way for all of our events for 2016. We knew that if we were going to keep following this dream we would need to find an easier way to do it, and that meant building a food truck.


So we put a plan together and went to our local Wauna Federal Credit Union and acquired financing to purchase a truck and the search for a truck began. We finally found one in our price range in February of 2017 and Dennis designed our workflow and we took it to a local Food Truck / Trailer builder to have them build it out for us. The truck was completed in early April of 2017 and we started running the business out of the truck. What a world of difference it made for setup and tear down and our dream of a Food Truck Business began. So Exciting! We love working and spending time with each other and serving our fans.


Chop Chop Chicken Sundaes has built a fan base all over Oregon and parts of the world. Even though it’s still hard work, we’re having so much fun. We love talking to people, and introducing them to our Chicken Sundaes.


Jon & Kinnell Steward
Dennis & Debbie Gorton

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